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About Us

Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust is a Wānaka community-based native plant nursery that specialises in propagating plants of local origin (Upper Clutha region) and uses these plants for localised native habitat restoration. Our work benefits the community at large as we engage people to care for their land and work together in support of native habitat restoration. Volunteers retain knowledge about propagation techniques and care of native plants. Our work also involves local community groups, schools, councils, organisations, businesses, as well as individuals, and promotes the importance of native flora and fauna to people of all ages. This is especially important for the younger generations who are exposed to our habitat restoration efforts as they are the ones to continue our legacy for conservation. Loss of habitat through fires, farming and weeds has made it difficult for the survival of our native species, so our work benefits native biodiversity. Native birds, animals and threatened native species flourish from habitat restoration.

Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust is  not-for-profit charitable organisation registered with the NZ Charities, #CC23553.


Te Kākano collects seeds from local areas, with permission from the Dept of Conservation, and grows them at our own community-based nursery. We are assisted by hundreds of volunteers each year who help with pricking, potting on, weeding, planting, watering, etc at the nursery. Once the plants have suitably matured these are planted out at numerous habitat restoration project sites either by our own volunteers or supplied to other organisations who also support habitat restoration. In collaboration with local councils, we also carry out pest control on our project sites.  


Funding for our work is received from a diverse base each year (grants, sponsorship, donations) and the board of trustees ensures that the trust is operated sustainably with funds received. We are also fortunate to receive in-kind products and services from individuals and businesses who are passionate about contributing towards our cause.

Why We Are Here

Our Vision

New Zealand communities are more connected with their land.

Our Mission

To inspire community native habitat restoration through propagation, education and hands-on participation.


Our Purpose

To support communities in fostering healthy lands and waterways to create a stronger link between the environment and humanity.

Our Values

  1. Community focus, community involvement, community spirit

  2. Practical ethos towards healthy land and healthy water

  3. Cooperation, communication, inspiration

  4. Sustainable principles and practices

  5. Organic principles and practices

  6. Thinking globally, acting locally

  7. The use and development of simple concepts that are easily modelled and replicated

  8. Enthusiasm, commitment, honesty

  9. Environment responsibility, the love of the earth

  10. Integrity in all actions

Buff Weka at Mou Waho Island

Trust Documents

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Te Kakano Strategy Plan 2020-20251024_1.

Annual Reports / AGM Presentations



2018 Community Category Winner

River Story Awards

2018 Finalist

Trustpower Awards

2017 Supreme Winner

Heritage & Environment

Green Ribbon Awards

2017 Finalist

Trustpower Awards

2013 Supreme Winner

Heritage & Environment

NZPCN Award 2018.jpeg

Good Magazine

Issue March 2013

Top 21 Conservation in NZ

Trustpower Awards

2012 Regional Runner-Up

Heritage & Environment

Trustpower Supreme Award 2013
Te Kakano - 21 Best Places to See (Good Mag)
Trustpower Community Award 2012
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