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Carbon Sequestration

Do you want to help sequester carbon?


Through Te Kākano, you can alleviate the impact of your own, or your business’s carbon footprint and make a difference locally by:

  • Donating to the whole plant life cycle: seed collection, plant propagation in the nursery, planting and on-going maintenance. If you wish to donate to a specific project let us know when you donate. Click here to donate.

  • Partnering with us on a site-specific project. Email


Carbon sequestration benefits from donating to Te Kākano are:

  • Increasing bio-diversity and thus enhancing your local ecosystems

  • Planting native trees that will sequester carbon for longer exotics once they mature

  • Planting native shrubs that also play a role in sequestering carbon, but to a lesser extent

  • Using eco-sourced plants that are appropriate for the region and our project sites

  • Plant sites are monitored, some formally others informally, to increase plant survival rates

  • No felling

  • Helping spread the message so community involvement grows

  • The opportunity for you to be “hands on” if you attend a planting or nursery session

  • Demonstrating your, or your business’s, commitment to the environment


Note that our projects are too small for us to qualify for an official carbon offset program.

Need ideas? Check what other locals are doing  ….

These contributers provide valuable income throughout the year helping us to grow and plant native plants in the area. Some initiatives are on-going rather than one-off.

  • Ridgeline Adventures partner with us on the Glendhu Bay project. They donate a percentage of each booking towards this project and provide their customers with hands-on experience when they visit the site.

  • Eco Wanaka Adventures provide customers with the opportunity to plant a tree when visiting Mou Waho island and donates to Te Kākano for each tree supplied.

  • Triple Glazing NZ contributes to the WEKA block project for each sale they make in recognition that they import the products they sell.

  • Wanaka Homestead donates to Te Kākano each time a guest chooses their “don’t wash our towels daily” programme.

  • Balanced Accounting contributed in recognition of annual travel.

  • Upper Clutha Tramping Club, Forest and Bird. Members contribute when they travel to a tramping or trapping destination.

  • Protect our Winters (POW). Athletes contribute in recognition of the impact of their travel to and from events.

  • Beautiful Gardens of Wanaka, Wanaka I-site and Wanaka BikeTours promote Te Kākano with "Will you have a tree with that?"

  • Individuals and groups donate in recognition of their carbon footprint.


  • GP Planning-Design (NZPI Conference)


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Triple Glazing NZ

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