Te Kākano spearheaded a localised carbon offset scheme in 2012 based on the Sustainable Business Network's

GreenFleet & Carbon4Good programme, which is a sustainable transport programme to help businesses reduce the impacts of its vehicles on the environment. Part of the programme encourages businesses to engage with the local community and plant trees to offset carbon dioxide emissions from their fleet of vehicles. Carbon offsetting isn't a new thing, but we believe that the tangibility of its benefits can sometimes be lost in translation with the multitude of schemes, credits and international calculations to choose from. 

Whatever your industry, business or leisure pursuit we all contribute to climate change. But we each have the ability to tackle this issue.


See our CARBON OFFSET page for more details on how to offset your carbon emissions and to see what local people are achieving.



Planting trees as carbon offset


One of Te Kākano's missions is to inspire and assist groups/individuals to embrace our vision of connecting New Zealand communities with their land. 


As well as providing our volunteers with an opportunity to learn more about native plants and propagation methods we are actively involved in providing information to the local community. Within the education sector we host school groups at our local nursery, have provided a reference garden at Wanaka Primary School and supply plants as part of the Paper 4 Trees programme 


We are available to speak to local community groups, please contact us to arrange a time.


See our EDUCATION page for more details on the education initiatives.







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