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Te Kakano - The Seed Booklet

The Seed came about from Te Kākano's desire to assist other communities in setting up their own plant nursery for local native habitat restoration. Our founding trustees started with an idea, got a group of people working together and registered Te Kākano as a charitable organisation. We've learned a lot during our set-up process and continue to learn every day with our operations. 


The Seed offers:


1. Resource Booklet

  • This document contains points on: Capturing your IDEA > Organising your START UP > Developing your OPERATIONS

  • Everyone’s ideas and projects are different, so this booklet is not necessarily instructive. It simply poses some questions that we've had to ask ourselves along the way


2. On-The-Go Advice

  • We offer personalised and online support to assist you in your journey

  • The seed is all about people and we would love to help you


3. Web Toolbox (coming soon)

  • Our online toolbox will provide templates, checklists and commentary explaining how we went from an idea, through to the set up, and then onto operating a successful nursery

  • We aim to expedite this process for your community group and get you on your way to restoring your local environment


From little seeds big things can grow. Some of the best advice we received was to take small steps and do only what we could do well. We realised that we would be judged on our immediate successes and failures, but not on our overall vision. Although we had big ideas, building a solid track record of accomplishments became our focus.


Our start up was basically the setting down of our roots. Once we had formed our vision, consulted widely within the community and set up a charitable trust, we were ready to apply for funding. This initial funding allowed us to build a nursery and grow plants for restoration projects. 




There are many complex aspects to running a successful venture. Depending on your structure you may find that you and your team will wear many different hats. There is no right or wrong way, often operations just evolve organically, but at some stage clear roles and directives will likely become necessary.




To find out more on how we can help you, please get in touch with us at


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