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Volunteers play an integral part in our work and we welcome anyone interested in native habitat restoration. Help us re-build native habitats one plant at a time, get your hands dirty and enjoy being out in the fresh air. Your help can really make a difference.

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Regular work days at the nursery teach propagation/cultivation techniques, leading on to planting and nurturing of the young plants in the wild and is guided by our Nursery Manager.


Nursery volunteer days are open to all and are held every Tuesday & Wednesday.

Oct-Mar: 9am-12pm

Apr-Sep: 1pm-4pm


These sessions are friendly, inclusive and are a great way to meet like-minded folk.  Morning/afternoon tea is provided.


To volunteer, please contact us!

Our planting days are a popular favourite to see first hand where the plants from the nursery go to. They are usually held on a weekend morning and are advertised the week before on our website, Facebook page, the Messenger community page and various other local sources.


Planting days are a great chance to head out to a beautiful spot, help plant a tree and meet fellow supporters of the trust.



We have different events each year that require the help of volunteers with opportunities for fundraising, photography, video, signage design etc.


We also welcome volunteers who can provide any related professional expertise/ advice or who are interested in serving on our board of trustees.


For more information, please contact us!


The more people that know about us, the more they can help and the more we can keep doing our part for the environment. Feel free to check out our Facebook page, Instagram page and show your support and follow our updates. Social media can definitely help rally support for our projects too, so help us spread the word.


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